An Intrinsic Love for the Craft

Capturing Magic Through Fused Glass

Since 2007 we have had a love for fused glass – the art, the process, the way it looks as it reflects the light in our home.

We operated a successful paint-your-own-pottery and glass fusing studio for over 14 years in Howell, MI and met many wonderful people. In that time we taught others how to create their own fused glass creations and helped to inspire them to pursue their artistic dreams.

We recently sold the brick-and-mortar studio and have now transformed our basement into our new glass fusing studio. What once was a darkroom for fine art black and white prints, has become a room full of grinders, sanders and saws. We are adding a fourth kiln now and will soon be able to create more pieces from the comfort of our home.

As we progress through this new journey, we will be adding additional services, like mobile glass workshops where we come to your event or office. A new virtual storefront will be up soon showing unique items we will have for sale. For now, we have a couple local art shows we are attending and we look forward to meeting other people that appreciate the craft of fused glass.

Helen and Frank