About Us

An Intrinsic Love for the Craft

Capturing Magic Through Fused Glass

Since 2007 we have had a love for fused glass – the art, the process, the way it looks as it reflects the light in our home.

We operated a successful paint-your-own-pottery and glass fusing studio for over 14 years in Howell, MI and met many wonderful people. In that time, we taught others how to create their own fused glass creations and helped to inspire them to pursue their artistic dreams.

We sold the brick-and-mortar studio in November 2021 and transformed our basement into our new glass fusing studio. What once was a darkroom for fine art black and white prints, has become a room full of grinders, sanders and saws.

We participate in about a dozen local juried fine art shows each year and also do commission art pieces. Another part of our business is teaching mobile fused glass workshops. Helen does the majority of the workshops as Frank has a full-time career. We teach at several art centers in the area, as well as do team building events on location at corporations. This is really where our hearts are – teaching others how to create wonderful fused glass pieces of their own!

We are very fortunate that our community and surrounding areas have embraced the art of glass fusing so much so that we do not have enough room to operate this part of our business out of our house. As luck would have it (is there really such a thing as chance or luck?) one day Frank was riding his motorcycle home from work and traffic was moving way too slow to stay on the expressway on such a nice day so he decided to take Grand River through Farmington to our home in Farmington Hills. As he was passing Silver Dairy he looked to his left and did a double take. The Public Gym that was once for lease had a “For Sale” sign on it. So the next chapter begins.

We bought the building in December of 2023 and we are turning it into a glass studio where you can come to our place to learn about glass and to create your own projects!

We look forward to meeting other people that appreciate the craft of fused glass at our local art shows, mobile workshops and COMING SOON – at our new studio!

Helen and Frank

Helen and Frank